Monday, February 16, 2015

Help us advertise the success of Canadian Warmblood Horses

The marketing committee is putting out a request for the Alberta members to forward high quality pictures for a PowerPoint presentation which is being created to run during the Mane Event.

The following is criteria for submission.

1) photos must be in focus, with a high resolution and submitted in .jpg (thumbnails and/or facebook photos aren't high quality enough) 

2) Registered Name of horse - show name many be included if showing under a different name.
3) name of horse and sire and dam sire
4) if in a show ring, must have name of show and placing in class in picture
5) horses at liberty need to include the same information as points 2 & 3
6) horses at liberty, indicated owner, and location (farm name etc)
7) submission of picture dose not necessary mean it will be included.

We are encouraging pictures to be taken in 2014 and 2015 - that would include horses that are showing down in the States.

Have pictures sent to Darlene Schmidt @ by Saturday March 14, 2015.

We are lookinng for promotional material for the Mane Event - Send us business cards and farm information cards up to post card size for distribution.  

We are looking for a  a Chapter member who is fluent in French to do some proof reading - this isn't a big time commitment- contact Darlene Schmidt at .

We're also looking for video clips, movies, etc - with the possibility of having them edited into a trailer or video loop.  We can accept material physically on thumbdrives, and/or can download it from web servers.  Contact Lesley Rhys-Williams if you are interested in submitting video content.  
 Mare inspection is tentatively booked at Alhambra on Wednesday July 15, 2015.  Remember to submit your application and fees to the main office if you want to participate.

Stallion Service Auction is ON NOW.    Bids on Alberta Stallions, and winning bids by Alberta Members will be increase the amount that comes back to Alberta Chapter.

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