Friday, June 15, 2012

Dressage@Blainville: Jacqueline Brooks qualifies for the Olympics

Jacqueline Brooks and D Niro in Grand Prix Special. Credit: Cealy Tetley.

Blainville, June 15, 2012 – Dressage@Blainville presented today the last event held on Canadian soil for the Olympic team selection. Rider Jacqueline Brooks stays in first place, closely followed by rider Diane Creech.

"D Niro has improved a lot since the last few months", indicated FEI judge Peter Holler (Germany), “It is a talented horse. He has a very classical piaffe and is really strong in both extended trot and passage”. The heat of the last two days was tough on the horses, according to judge Holler who added, "That is where you see that Jacqueline is a very experienced rider, even with few little mistakes, she won the class”. Peter Holler, who chairs the CDI3* Dressage@Blainville, has really appreciated the participating riders’ performances: “There were, in the Grand Prix, 3 or 4 horses of very high level. It’s not so many, but the level of the exhibitor’s was really good.”

Brooks leads the CDI3* division
Jacqueline Brooks and D Niro, who are leading with an average score 68,356% for the Grand Prix Special, are ahead of their closest rivals,  Diane Creech and Devon L, only by 0,867%. Her victories yesterday in the Grand Prix (69,064%), and today in the Grand Prix Special 68,356%) leave her on top of the leaderboard in the event’s CDI 3* division, as well as assuring her a spot for London.

Jacqueline Brooks, proud of D Niro’s performances
"My goal for Dressage@Blainville was to secure my spot on the Olympic team, so I trained a lot for the Grand Prix. All the things I wanted to improve with D Niro were clean in the ring", declared Jacqueline Brooks. “For the Grand Prix Special (today), D Niro was more tired and we haven’t trained as hard as the Grand Prix, but he still had a great energy and we won, so I was very proud of him”. D Niro, which Jacqueline Brooks acquired just last February, was originally at the Prix St-George level, one level below the Grand Prix. "This year for D Niro is the very first year of competition at Grand Prix level. He learned on the job, with his participation on the competition circuit. He had to get used to me, used to the movements; and now, we are qualified for the Olympics. He is incredible”.

Let the music play
Dressage@Blainville will end tomorrow, Saturday June 16, with the Simons Freestyle Gala, presented at the Blainville equestrian park starting at 6 p.m. The Simons Freestyle Gala, comprising riders from Grand Prix, Inter 1, Young riders and Junior divisions, all FEI levels, promises to be an unforgettable evening for spectators. 

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Source: Alexandra Hill, communication, Dressage International.