Friday, July 15, 2011

Refuge RR need your URGENT help!

Cinnamon after Refuge RR
Cinnamon before Refuge RR

Refuge RR, its horses, dogs, cats and other animals
need your urgent help!

With the overall economy over the past year, there has been a huge decline in donations, but yet a huge increase in animal emergencies. These animals were not sought out by the Refuge but were taken in because members of society failed them. As with dogs and cats, the number of abandoned or neglected horses is on the rise. We have always been proud to be able to come to the aid of all that needed it. However, with the current reality, it is no longer possible to further take in new animals at this time.

In addition to the current situation, our water well has recently gone dry again, and as a result, water must be transported 3 times every single day from a neighbour and needless to say that adds many more hours of work. The Refuge is responsible for a total of 400 + animals which includes all kinds, small and large.

Refuge RR urgently needs your help. If we do not receive a massive response from the public the animals and horses will no longer be saved and given a decent home. We urge you to help us help them! Please be generous and remember no donation is too small. A tax receipt will be sent for donations of $ 25.00 and up.

You can make a donation electronically (if the link doesn’t work, copy it in your address bar) and immediately print a tax receipt or send a cheque to Refuge RR for Horses, 21305 Concession 10 Road, RR2, Alexandria, ON, K0C 1A0 (please include your name and address if you wish to have a tax receipt).

Thank you on behalf of all volunteers and the animals at Refuge RR.