Thursday, July 28, 2011

International Bromont : the closing weekend

International Bromont - semaine II - Credit ProAction Photo
Bromont, July 28th, 2011 – On the eve of its final weekend, the International Bromont is ready for three days of memorable equine events.

Starting on Friday July 29th, FEI riders will cumulate points for their world rankings, with the 1m50 event, immediately followed by the Canadian Equestrian Team (CET) Medal class.

The CET Medal class, presented by Burkman Capital, Burkman Capital, promotes the development of the young upcoming riders so they can reach the sports’ highest levels. In that event of two phases, over fence and on the flat, riders must not only demonstrate control of their horse, but also style and dexterity as the judge evaluates their equitation.

On Saturday July 30th, the International Bromont reiterates its innovations with the Hit and Hurry class. Riders will have to jump as many obstacles possible in the time allowed, where there are no time or jumping faults: the difference is that riders do not need to do a course in a certain time, but rather jump as many obstacles they can before the bell rings the end of the countdown. Each fence jumped clear is worth two points and only one point when a bar falls. Who wins? The rider with the most points will. 

Following the Hit and Hurry, international level riders will compete in the Modified Grand Prix of Saturday. Technically as difficult as a traditional Grand Prix, the Modified Grand Prix with lower fences, gives high-level riders the opportunity to test their young horses’ Grand Prix potential.

The International Bromont will end on Sunday July 31st with the Grand Prix event. The most sought after event of the competition with its total prize money of $125,000, the Grand Prix is the highlight of the International Bromont. FEI sanctioned riders will see it as their last chance, in this 36th edition, to win points towards their world rankings.

The International Bromont, with its novel attractions and revised programming, is eagerly awaiting visitors for two weeks of unequalled competitions in Quebec.

International Bromont, the bar is high! This 36th edition will take place at the Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park. $10 per person and free for children under 12. For more information:

Source: Alexandra Hill Communications International Bromont