Sunday, July 24, 2011

Henselwood triomphant in Bromont!

Jill Henselwood / George
Bromont, July 24th, 2011 – As the sole participant to complete the course in a clear round, Canadian Jill Henselwood leaves with a well-deserved victory in the BonjourQué World Cup event!

The first week of the International Bromont ended on a high note, as a significant and enthusiastic crowd came to the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park to enjoy two exceptional events: the novel Royal Canin Challenge and the BonjourQué World Cup.

Ujo - Jump Victory
A challenging event
The Royal Canin Challenge was largely successful with the visitors. The crowd cheered and applauded the performances of dogs from the ‘Club d’agilité Montérégie’, who were paired with riders of the International Bromont, for this unique event.   The team of Nova Scotia Danica Ellis and Ujo, a Belgian Sheepdog won with a combined time of 60.72 seconds.

The Cup goes to the female gender!
For the last event of this first week, course designer Venezualan Leopoldo Palacios out did himself. The course of 17 jumps (14 obstacles including a double and triple combination), was a challenge for the riders. Only Canadian Jill Henselwood, team silver medalist at the last Olympic Games, successfully managed the course with a clear round thus earning victory. Second and third place went respectively to American Leslie Howard and Russian Liubov Kochetova.

Even without a jump-off, the BonjourQué World Cup event was still thrilling. The crowd cheered on Mario Deslauriers as he entered the ring, while his unfortunate 12 faults quite frustrated his fans. Every one of them wished that Mario would leave with the title. 

With this first Sunday, International Bromont riders will get a couple of days off before starting the competition again next Wednesday, July 27th.

The International Bromont, with its novel attractions and revised programming, is eagerly awaiting visitors for two weeks of unequalled competitions in Quebec.

International Bromont, the bar is high! This 36th edition will take place at the Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park. $10 per person and free for children under 12. For more information:

BonjourQué World Cup                                                           Royal Canine Challenge
1ère Jill Henselwood / George 0, 89’36                                                  1 ère Danica Ellis / Agent Scully & Ujo 60’72
2e Leslie Howard / Utah 4, 85’03/                                                           2 è Pierre Jean Jolly / Monaco du Logis  63’55
3e Liubov Kochetova / Royce 4, 88’92                                                   3 è Leslie Howard / Goed Zo 68’66
4e Jonathan Asselin / Showgirl 4, 89’22                                               4 è Yann Candele / Whisper-O 69’24
5e Norman Dello Joio / Notre Star de la Nutria 8, 86’21                       5 è Lili Fortin / Lexus HB  71’91
6 e Nicholas Dello Joio / Scarface 8, 87’22                                           6 è Karen Clement / Vicktoria 74’11
7 e Jill Henselwood / IV Ever, 8’ 90’43                                                    7 è Maude Guillemette / Viking  77’70
8 e Jenna Thompson / Zeke, 8. 90’46                                                    8 è Ardath Hastey / Leonardo 80‘77

Source: Alexandra Hill – Communications – International Bromont