Saturday, July 23, 2011

BROMONT - Dello Joio dominates in the Parcours de chasse

Norman Dello Joio / Navare d’Oriolles
Bromont, July 23rd, 2011 – American Norman Dello Joio gave an explosive performance on the Parcours de chasse on Saturday July 23rd at the International Bromont.

Dello Joio, the last participant to enter the ring, had to better Leslie Howard’s clear round in a time of 119.54 seconds over a course of seventeen fences, created by FEI course designer, Venezuelan Leopoldo Palacios. 

The Parcours de chasse, one of three new events this year, does not allocate faults for fallen bars but rather adds a penalty of 4 seconds to the rider’s time.  Leslie Howard, who had established the time to beat under two minutes with her clear round, lost the lead to fellow countryman Norman Dello Joio, who despite 8 seconds of penalty set the chronometer at 119.24 seconds. 

This spectacular event required riders to go from one ring to the other, through the middle bank. Only Howard succeeded in avoiding penalties. The crowd also had a scare with Johan Letimonier’s ride on Cardanto Z. The horse completely missed one obstacle and fell taking his rider down with him. Immediately back on his feet, Letimonier and Cardanto Z left the ring under the crowd’s ovation.

An American triple
In the end, the United States took the first three places of this skill and endurance event. First and second went to Norman Dello Joio / Navare d’Oriolles and Leslie Howard/ Goed Zo respectively, while Nicolas Dello Joio, the winner’s son, won third place.

A Sunday to watch
Tomorrow, Sunday July 24th, the International Bromont will present a unique competition, the Royal Canin Challenge. A first this year, the relay event featuring horse and dog, is possible with the participation of the ‘Club d’agilité Montérégie’.

Following the Challenge, riders of international level will compete in the World Cup BonjourQué, at 2:30.

The International Bromont, with its novel attractions and revised programming, is eagerly awaiting visitors for two weeks of unequalled competitions in Quebec.

International Bromont, the bar is high! This 36th edition will take place at the Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park. $10 per person and free for children under 12. For more information: