Sunday, September 5, 2010

Canadian Reiner, Lisa Coulter, qualifies for the 2010 Games on her aptly named horse, Weg.

Lisa Coulter and WEG
I did it!! I made the Canadian Team and am set to compete at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky!! I just got home from Chilliwack, BC where our team selection was held. Sharon Hall and crew hosted a wonderful show and really put forth a great effort in our selection trials.

I rode both Weg and Ace and both horses tried very hard. I figured I would ride them both to the best of their individual ability and see where we all ended up. The selection process was comprised of two runs and the top four composite scores from both days would make up the team. It was important to have two good solid runs both days without overdoing it and making errors.

After the first day Ace was half a point in front of Weg. Weg tried hard but fell out of lead in my small slow circle while Ace held together nicely but did not hit the stops as hard as Weg. I figured day two would be interesting for my horses. Weg went first and was super. He spun and stopped hard and never made any circle errors. Ace felt very tired and ended up 3 point behind Weg. Ace may not have held up to the 36 hour haul from Texas to BC as well as Weg and that may have been part of the difference. Regardless I am thrilled to be riding Weg! He is a tremendous stop and turn around horse and will be a threat in Kentucky. I love the fact that we bought him a year ago at the test event in Kentucky specifically for me to make the Canadian WEG Team. He is sound and fresh and ready. I have the good fortune to be going to Kentucky next week to compete in some CRIs as well as a schooling session for WEG horses.

My biggest thanks extends to my family and Bob Thompson. I would never have made it anywhere without your support and ultimate belief in me.

I have been dreaming and working towards WEG for over a year now (not forgetting WEG has been a goal for over 6 years as I unsuccessfully tried for the 2006 team). I have a sense of relief and confidence that is going to propel me into WEG full force. It all comes down to having the tenacity, support and hard work to fulfill a life’s dream.....oh and a very aptly named horse!...Who says there’s nothing in a name!