Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spectacular Victory from Yann Candele at the International Bromont Grand-Prix!

Bromont, August 1st, 2010 – The International Bromont crowned two weeks of jumping and hunter classes in grand style with the eagerly awaited $125,000 1.60 m Grand-Prix, a qualifier for the World Equestrian Games to be held in Kentucky from September 25 to October 10 in Lexington (Kentucky), and also for the 2011 European Championship. The refurbishing of the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Horse Park infrastructures was no stranger to the FEI’s accreditation of this test for major international events.

The challenge was great for all high caliber equestrians. Mario Deslauriers was much awaited: would he win this test for a 3rd consecutive year? After a 19-rider first round and a jump-off, the answer was to come at the very end in great suspense: Mario Deslauriers made the best time, but still drew a time fault and placed 4th, bowing down to an exceptional victory from Canadian Yann Candele.

Course designer Guillerme Jorge from Brasil concocted a run comprising of 13 obstacles, one triple combination, a river, and a double combination at the very end the course. Spread throughout the International Ring, the course forced riders to negotiate a fair numbers of turns, but also to gain speed in particular sections in order to keep up with the 89 seconds set time.

The best riders showed up at the starting line, among which Yann Candele, Team Silver Medalist a the Beijing Olympics Jill Henselwood, Canadian Champion Keean White, American Leslie Howard and Éric Flameng from Belgium. Up-and-comers David Arcand and François Lamontagne also showed up for the challenge. We would have to wait for the 14th competitor on the course, Keean White, to finally witness a fautless run. Soon thereafter, it seemed like the enigma was solved: Jenna Thompson from Ontario, Jill Henselwood, Yann Candele with Pitareusa and Mario Deslauriers riding Urico gave the spectators, who came in great numbers, a flawless execution. We should also note that David Arcand delivered an excellent demonstration up until the last two obstacles, which were a double combination, 2 lowered rails and 8 penalty points. On his first mount Azzaro Van’T Hagenhof, Yann Candele was eliminated following a spectacular fall (of no great consequence, we hasten to add) resulting from a refusal. Lisa Deslauriers held the crowd up until the very last obstacle, where a rail fell to the ground in a big deception cry.

In the 2nd round jump-off, the course included 7 obstacles and a double combination. The challenge consisted in winning time over obstacles throughout very tight turns among the course. First competitor to tackle the challenge, Keean White performs a faultless run in 44’42 seconds. Jill Henselwood makes better time, but garners two faults. Yann Candele raises the crowd and puts Mario Deslauriers to the test: last competitor on the course, Deslauriers is flawless in 41’52 seconds. The Bromont native dashes forward, negotiates tight turns, all the while winning precious seconds. A rail comes tumbling down at the second-to-last obstacle, taking victory away despite a 41’30 seconds time! « I would love to be part of Team Canada for the World Equestrian Games. This win today is very important to me. I am going forward to gather points in Ontario and then in Calgary in September in Spruce Meadows », said Yann Candele. Should he make the Canadian team, Candele will be a first time competitor to the World Equestrian Games.

As far as these two weeks of competition at the International Bromont go, it can be said without a doubt: great success! we have welcomed close to 20,000 spectators over the week-ends. Improving the installations really satisfied the riders, who left very happy with the intention of coming back, and talking to their entourage about it!” said Roger Deslauriers, director of the event.

The invitation is set for the 36th Edition! The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park is wide open with the possibility to welcome competitions such as the World Cup and the World Equestrian Games when all its development phases will be completed. Fund raising and governmental subsidies are the stepping stone of this promising future for the sole Olympic equestrian park in perpetual up keeping in the world.

1st Yen Candela / Pitareusa 0-0, 41’52
2nd Kean White / Celina Z 0-0, 44’42
3rd Mario Deslauriers 0-4 41’30
4th Jenna Thompson / Zeke 0-4, 46’55
5th Jill Henselwood / Bottom Line 0-8, 44’07
6th Mario Deslauriers / Vicomte D, 4
7th Leslie Howard / Jeans Glove Varnel, 4
8th Éric Flameng / Tikita, 4
9th Sarah Johnstone / Starlet,
10th Angela Covert-Lawrence / Unica Van de Roshoeve, 4

Source : Laure Chazerand, Fédération équestre du Québec, Communications Coordinator,, Cell. 514 209-8105.