Friday, July 30, 2010

American Leslie Howard Takes Top Honours at 1.50 m CSI***!

Bromont, July 30, 2010 – Among a vast array of jumping and hunter classes, the highlight of this day at the International Bromont was $32,000 1.50m CSI*** test, with points going towards the FEI’s the World Ranking. 15 rider-horse teams walked up to the starting line. Household names from the United States took to the challenge, but also Canadian greats such as Keean White, Yann Candele and Mark Samuel. Québec natives Angela Covert-Lawrence and Paul Halpern were among the competitors as well. Leslie Howard from the United States took top spot, with Yann Candele right behind her in 2nd place.

The course designed by FEI-recognized Guillerme Jones from Brasil presented 12 obstacles, one triple combination, a double combination and a river, the whole with an execution time of 88 seconds. Multiple technical difficulties awaited the riders, among which the tight turn onto the 3rd obstacle that leaped over a river, which made the horses nervous, and also a triple combination and a wall-like obstacle with loose make-believe bricks. Belgian Éric Flameng performed a faultless run, but drew a penalty point for exceeding the time allowed. 3rd competitor on the course, the winner of last Sunday’s World Cup Qualifier, Yann Candele, overcame all the technical challenges with his horse Azzaro Van’T Hagenhof. It was left to Leslie Howard and Lennox Lewis 2 to finally declare a jump-off. Wife of Mario, Lisa Deslauriers joined in soon thereafter. Riding their second mount, Yann Candele and Leslie Howard repeated their exploits, calling for an exciting 2nd round. Mario Deslauriers drew a rail fault with Vicomte D. He then got eliminated after getting thrown when his second horse, Urico, fell to its knees.

The second round presented 7 obstacles and a double combination. First to take to the course, Yann Candele and Azzaro signed off with a single rail fault in 47.24 seconds. Riding Lennox, Leslie Howard committed the very same fault on the very same obstacle as her predecessor on the course, but made better time. Lisa Deslauriers aimed for perfection by taking her time, and was successful up until the very last obstacle. An unfortunate brick from the infamous wall-like obstacle slowly tumbled down as the stopwatch showed 48.20 seconds. Second-to-last competitor to the test, Yann Candele and Pitareusa were betting on a flawless performance, and it was mission accomplished in 49.39 seconds. The door was then wide open for Leslie Howard and her horse Jeans Glove Varnel. Flying over the obstacles with ease, she clenched victory in 45.33 seconds! With her 1st and 3rd positions, Howard netted $ 12 800 in total prize money, while Yann Candele earned a total of $ 9,600 for his 2nd and 4th placings. Of course, all the riders also garnered precious points towards the FEI’s World Ranking.

The 35th Edition of the International Bromont dashes forward on Saturday August 1st with the Via Rail Double Slalom and the 1.45m Grand-Prix.

35th Edition of the International Bromont, from July 21st to August 1st, 2010. Information: Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, 450 chemin de Gaspé, Highway 10, Exit 78, 450 534-0787,,

1st Leslie Howard / Jeans Glove Varnel 0-0, 45’33
2nd Yann Candele / Pitareusa 0-0, 49’39
3rd Leslie Howard / Lennox Lewis 2 0-4, 43’61
4th Yann Candele / Azzaro Van’T Hagenhof 0-4, 47’24
5th Lisa Deslauriers 0-4, 48’20
6th Éric Flameng / Tikita –9e Yann Candele / Redefin 4, 72’80
7th Mario Deslauriers / Vicomte D, 4
8th Keean White / Celena Z, 4
9th Paul Halpern / Rolls Royce, 4
10th Angela Covert Lawrence / Utan, 8

Source : Laure Chazerand, Fédération équestre du Québec, Communications Coordinator,

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