Saturday, July 31, 2010

Master in his Kingdom, Mario Deslauriers Wins the Modified Grand-Prix at the International Bromont!

Mario Deslauriers and Whistler
Bromont, July 31, 2010 – After raising the crowd with the Via Rail Double Slalom, the International Bromont presented spectators with the $15,000 Modified Grand-Prix. What is a Modified Grand-Prix? Simply put, it’s a 1.45 m test which offers all the technical difficulties of a 1.50 m jumping test! Following a 2nd round where 9 riders competed tooth and nail, Mario Deslauriers reigns supreme in his kingdom.

29 rider-horse teams took to the course. Among the famous and renowned, Mario Deslauriers, Jill Henselwood, Beth Underhill, Kean White and American Leslie Howard rose to the challenge. The up-and-comers also showed up for the advantage of extra experience in this type of test, with David Arcand, Vanessa Robert and Nicolas-Xavier Bélanger standing among the greats at the starting line.

The course designed by FEI recognized Guillerme Jorge from Brasil presented various technical challenges, including 12 obstacles and one double combination, a triple combination and a river. The obstacles were spread throughout the course, forcing the riders to fine tune their horses in the turns, and also on wider distances which called for fine canters. The allowed time was 82 seconds.

Winner of the CSI*** the day before, American Leslie Howard was the first to perform a faultless run. Soon thereafter, Canadian Team member Beth Underhill declared a jump-off. 20-year-old Vanessa Robert from St-Bruno signed off a flawless course with her Holsteiner stallion, Convento Van de Helle. Isabelle Lapierre from Québec almost joined the group, but an unfortunate fallen rail at the second-tolast obstacle took all her 2nd round hopes away. After a solid start, David Arcand and Tarzan drew two jumping faults. Riding Candidate du Marquet, Angela Covert-Lawrence showed the best time at this stage of the competition, but still drew a jumping fault. Meanwhile, super Mario satisfied the crowd with a flawless run! Riding their second mount, Jill Henselwood, Yann Candele, Leslie Howard and Beth Underhill, along with Alberta native Kelly Koss, joined this select group, foreshadowing a breathtaking jump-off with 6 obstacles and a double combination to boot.

Leslie Howard and Raimond W give it their all and clock out with an excellent time, but rack up 8 penalty points. Faultless, Beth Underhill calls for a new 37.35 seconds time to beat. Alberta native Kelly Koss improves on that time with 35.35 seconds, but takes a jumping penalty. Paul Halpern from St-Lazare declares a new time to beat: 36.13 seconds! Yann Candele takes to the course, and it’s 33.81 seconds, but 8 penalty points! Team Silver Medalist at the Beijing Olympic Games, Jill Henselwood achieves an excellent performance in 34.87 seconds. Mario Deslauriers then tackles the challenge, signing off in 34.21 seconds! Last to the starting line, Leslie Howard and Utah gather 4 penalty points, bowing down to Bromont’s favourite son Mario Deslauriers.

The 35th Edition of the International Bromont promises a closing to remember on Sunday August 1st with the much awaited 1.60 m Grand-Prix, a qualifier for the prestigious World Equestrian Games and 2011 European Championship.

Information: Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, 450 chemin de Gaspé, Highway 10, Exit 78, 450 534-0787,,

1st Mario Deslauriers / Whistler 0-0, 34’21
2nd Jill Henselwood / IV Ever 0-0, 34’87
3rd Paul Halpern / Roman K 0-0 36’13
4th Beth Underhill / Viggo 0-0, 37’35
5th Leslie Howard / Utah 0-4, 33’25
6th Yann Candele / Carlotta Singular la Magnifica 0-4, 33’81
7th Kelly Koss / Laokoon 12, 0-4, 35’35
8th Leslie Howard / Raimond W 0-8, 33’45
9th Vanessa Robert / Convento Van de Helle 0-14, 49’83
10th Beth Underhill / Quelqu’un de la Musardière 1 point

Source : Laure Chazerand, Fédération équestre du Québec, Coordonnatrice des communications,, Cell. 514 209-8105.

David Arcand Raises the Crowd and Wins the Via Rail Double Slalom at the International Bromont !

David Arcand and Nocturne de Ravel
Bromont, July 31, 2010 – The very popular $25,000 Via Rail Double Slalom made quite an impression on this second-to-last day of the International Bromont. The concept is simple: a team made up of two riders performs the same course in parallel. The fastest will earn a spot in the quarter-final, then on to the semi-final, to at last reach the podium. But riders beware: a fallen rail will add 3 penalty seconds to the running time! David Arcand took top honours in this year’s Via Rail Double Slalom with style.

16 riders divided into two teams, the blue shirts against the white, delivered a hard-fought battle to reach the quarter-final, the semi-final and the final. There were excellent confrontations right from start, but David Arcand breezed easily to the quarter-final, as François Lamontagne got the best of Émmanuel Geoffroy from Québec. If not for an unfortunate lowered rail on the part of Geoffroy, a tiebreaker would’ve been required to call a winner! Kayla Robert performed a fine run alongside Jay Hayes, hedging him by one second. Lisa Deslauriers, Mélissandre Lincourt, Justin Prather and Christine Boisseau all reached the quarter final, announcing an exciting performance to come.

Taking to the course against Stéphanie Verville, David Arcand reached the semi-final with a 20-second lead out of a spectacular comefrom-behind run. With his 2009 title on the line, François Lamontagne jeopardized Kayla Robert’s chances by achieving a faultless run in 27.92 seconds! Lowering two rails, Mélissandre Lincourt is defeated by Lisa Deslauriers. Who of David Arcand, François Lamontagne, Lisa Deslauriers and Justin Prather, all reputed for great speed, will be the fastest in the final? With a mere seven hundredth of a second too slow, François Lamontagne bowed down to David Arcand, who aptly took advantage of tight turns to ultimately compete against Justin Prather in the final. With a flawless run and a stopwatch at 28.85 seconds, David Arcand raised the
crowd with a brilliant victory, and gathered $7 500 in prize money.

The 35th Edition of the International Bromont forges ahead later today with the 1.45m Modified Grand-Prix, closing off on August 1st with the eagerly awaited 1.60 m Grand-Prix test, a qualifier for the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the 2011 European Championship.

35th Edition of the International Bromont, from July 21st to August 1st, 2010. Information: Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, 450 chemin de Gaspé, Highway 10, Exit 78, 450 534-0787,,

Results :
1st David Arcand / Nocturne de Ravel
2nd Justin Prather / Mona Lisa
3rd tie : Lisa Deslauriers / Flubber et François Lamontagne / Unik Circa 
5th tie : Mélissandre Lincourt / Rainy Day, Kayla Robert / Rojak, Stéphanie Verville / Caretina, Christine Boisseau / ETI Albator

Source : Laure Chazerand, Fédération équestre du Québec, Communications Coordinator,, Cell. 514 209-8105.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The CET Medal: Toronto bound

Bromont, July 30th, 2010 – The International Bromont slowly closes its eighth day of competition with the second CET (Canadian Equestrian Team) Medal event, presented by Burkman Capital, won by Gabrielle Pelchat on Varcos.

The CET (Canadian Equestrian Team) Medal is a combination of show jumping and equitation: even if time and jumping faults count, the rider’s technique is what makes the difference. « A rider who gets a jumping fault can still get ahead of another rider with a clear round if the latter’s equitation is not as good», explains Philip Rozon, an FEI judge who was a spectator at the CET Medal.

Sanctioned by Equine Canada, the National Federation, the CET Medal’s first objective is to prepare better riders. The athlete must demonstrate precision and control in the way he brings his horse to the fences. According to Paul Bélanger, Level 3 Instructor and coordinator of Classic riding division of the ‘Fédération Équestre du Québec’ « The winner is the rider who has better analyzed the course », he also says: « An event such as the CET Medal makes the riders realize the importance of better controlling their horses in order to execute a quality jump ».

Following the over fence section, eleven riders were called back for a flat phase: the second part of this event can actually change all the rankings. At this time, only the rider’s position and the control of the horse count; time and faults are not a factor anymore.

American Leslie Howard Takes Top Honours at 1.50 m CSI***!

Bromont, July 30, 2010 – Among a vast array of jumping and hunter classes, the highlight of this day at the International Bromont was $32,000 1.50m CSI*** test, with points going towards the FEI’s the World Ranking. 15 rider-horse teams walked up to the starting line. Household names from the United States took to the challenge, but also Canadian greats such as Keean White, Yann Candele and Mark Samuel. Québec natives Angela Covert-Lawrence and Paul Halpern were among the competitors as well. Leslie Howard from the United States took top spot, with Yann Candele right behind her in 2nd place.

The course designed by FEI-recognized Guillerme Jones from Brasil presented 12 obstacles, one triple combination, a double combination and a river, the whole with an execution time of 88 seconds. Multiple technical difficulties awaited the riders, among which the tight turn onto the 3rd obstacle that leaped over a river, which made the horses nervous, and also a triple combination and a wall-like obstacle with loose make-believe bricks. Belgian Éric Flameng performed a faultless run, but drew a penalty point for exceeding the time allowed. 3rd competitor on the course, the winner of last Sunday’s World Cup Qualifier, Yann Candele, overcame all the technical challenges with his horse Azzaro Van’T Hagenhof. It was left to Leslie Howard and Lennox Lewis 2 to finally declare a jump-off. Wife of Mario, Lisa Deslauriers joined in soon thereafter. Riding their second mount, Yann Candele and Leslie Howard repeated their exploits, calling for an exciting 2nd round. Mario Deslauriers drew a rail fault with Vicomte D. He then got eliminated after getting thrown when his second horse, Urico, fell to its knees.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The International Bromont: the best is yet to come!

Bromont, July 28th – As the second week of the International Bromont starts today, the best is yet to come. The final weekend, July 30th to August 1st, promises to be electrifying.

The main events of the International Bromont forecast a very exciting weekend: starting on Friday, the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park will beat to the tempo of National and International level competitions.

Friday July 30th, the Open Jumper 1.50m, an FEI sanctioned event, will warm up the ring before the CET (Canadian Equestrian Team) Medal, a national competition presented by Burkman Capital.

The weekend events, however, are the attention getters: Saturday July 31st will host the VIA Rail Double Slalom, a thrilling event. The Double Slalom is composed of two parallel courses where riders race each other. It is an elimination battle where time and precision are essential to get to the next round.

After that event, VIA Rail and the International Bromont will randomly draw ten train trips worth $500 each, among the day’s visitors.

Again on the Saturday, the Modified Grand Prix at 3h30 will allow our best riders to compete on a course similar to the Grand Prix for young horses.

Sunday August 1st will culminate with the Hunter Classic, an elimination event both on the flat and over fence, where all non professionals will compete. As a Hunter class, the Classic will showcase hythm and elegance from both riders and horses.

Without a doubt, the star of the International Bromont will be the Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon August 1st. This event, at 1.60 meters, will be a qualifier for both the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky at the end of September and the European Championships of 2011 in Madrid.

The second week of the International Bromont, from July 28th to August 1st 2010, will feature some of the most important and popular events of the competition. Celebrating its thirty-fifth edition, the International Bromont is the most important horseshow in Eastern Canada.

Source: Alexandra Hill, International Bromont


American actor and director Robert Duvall has given his support to the annual awards organised by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the governing body of horse sport. The FEI launched the “Oscars of the equestrian world” last year to reward outstanding dedication to horse sport in five categories. Calls for nominations for the 2010 awards opened on July 16.

Hollywood legend Duvall is best-known for his roles in The Apostle, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather and Tender Mercies. His performances have earned him an Academy Award, a BAFTA, two Emmys and four Golden Globe Awards.

Commenting on the 2010 FEI Awards, Duvall said:

“The FEI Awards give you the opportunity to nominate and celebrate those individuals who, without asking for recognition, should be thanked and acknowledged for their own contribution to equestrian sport around the world. As someone with a passion for horses, I urge you to nominate anyone you feel is worthy of the awards and help them to walk the red carpet at the 2010 FEI Awards in Taiwan.”

Duvall has been a keen horseman since his childhood, when he often visited his uncle’s ranch in northern Montana. He has demonstrated his riding skills in several films, including Broken Trail (2006), in which he plays gruff rancher Print Ritter, and Lonesome Dove, the 1989 classic miniseries which saw him leading an epic cattle drive.

Nominations for the FEI Awards are open until 30 August 2010. Further information is available at

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheval Blanc Speed Derby: Christine McCrea Shines Once Again at the International Bromont!

Bromont, July 24, 2010 – The 35th Edition of the International Bromont ended this July 25 full speed ahead! The $15,000 Cheval Blanc Speed Derby created quite a stir among riders and spectators alike. The concept is simple: the first part of the course is executed inside the arena. An obstacle then leads the riders outside, where they go under the bridge, then through an obstacle which leads them inside the second arena, then through a decline back into the International Ring, where they finally complete the course comprising of a total of 21 obstacles! Only the stopwatch determines the winner, and riders beware: a fallen rail will add four seconds to the running time! The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park makeover added tremendous magnitude to this already spectacular event, presenting many challenges to the riders. It was a close contest, but Christine McCrea took top honours with style.

14 rider-horse teams rose to the challenge, with many up-and-coming Québec natives to the starting line. David Arcand with two horses, Tarzan and Artan tackled the course, as well as king of speed François Lamontagne with both Arise Z and Unik Circa, first time participant Anne-Sophie Milette, and Nicolas-Xavier Bélanger with Papabili. Among the household names, Yann Candele and Erynn Ballard from Team Canada, as well as Irishman Jonathon McCrea and his American wife Christine, who was yesterday’s winner of the Bobcat CSI**.

The CET Medal crowns Quebec

Bromont, July 23rd – The Jumper division of the International Bromont closed with elegance this Friday with the CET (Canadian Equestrian Team) Medal, an event sanctioned by Equine Canada, the National Federation. Quebec’s rider, Anne-Sophie Millette, took top honors.

The course, designed by Mexican course designer Catalina Cruz, was challenging for the riders. « It is not height that is in play here, », according to Phillip Rozon, FEI (Fédération équestre internationale) judge « but rather precision and rhythm. Between obstacles, the riders have to execute a certain number of strides ». Watching the competition as a spectator, he makes sure that events such as the CET Medal are really appreciated by the public. Monsieur Rozon then adds: « All the great riders have initially started showing in equitation and medal classes like the CET ».

The Canadian equestrian team medal, a presentation of Burkman Capital, is an equitation event in two phases. For the first phase, 25 riders rode the over the fence course where the top twelve were called back for the second phase, which is a flat class.

Time is not what determines the winner; he or she must also follow criteria of precision, rhythm and style.

Friday July 23rd crowned our Quebec riders. Other than first place, taken by Anne-Sophie Millette on Farenheit, second place went to Vickie Robert on Lovat Scout. While third place went to Quebec’s Laurence Addison on C-T JE, fourth place was taken by Taylor Brooks, a native of Ontario, and her partner Spencer.

The International Bromont continues tomorrow and Sunday, with the Cheval Blanc Speed Derby and the World Cup qualifier events. The second week of competition will begin July 28th.

CSI** Bobcat at the International Bromont: American Christine McCrea Takes Top Honours!

Bromont, July 23, 2010 - The $32,000 Bobcat 1.50 m CSI** test was one of the highlights of the day at the 35th Edition of the International Bromont. 25 rider-horse teams took to the course, including Canadian champion Kean White, Yann Candele, Russian Ljubov Kochetova, Olympic equestrians Jill Henselwood and Jay Hayes, Éric Flameng from Belgium, along with American Lisa Deslauriers. Representing the rising stars, David Arcand, François Lamontagne and Vanessa Paschini were also in the running. Pursuant to a 4-rider jump-off, American Christine McCrea took top honours, with Alberta’s Jenna Thompson and Jennifer Serek hot on her hooves in 2nd and 3rd places. Lisa Deslauriers took 4th position.

Comprising of 12 obstacles and 15 jumping efforts, the course designed by FEI-recognized Catalina Cruz held a few technical difficulties, namely a triple combination, as well as the onset of certain obstacles located on broken lines or exiting turns. The time allowed was 78 seconds. Russian Ljubov Kochetova performed a flawless run, but suffered a two-point penalty for exceeding time. The 8th competitor, Christine McCrea from Connecticut, would finally grant us a fault free run. Lisa Deslauriers then signed off on a flawless performance, thus declaring a jump-off. Alberta natives Jennifer S. Serek and Jenna Thompson joined in the group of fault free runs. Belgian Éric Flameng might have made it to the second round, if not for an unfortunate fallen rail at the last obstacle! Among the upand-comers, Vanessa Paschini with her new mount Esther 138 compiled 4 penalty points, and François Lamontagne with Tango committed 2 faults for a total of 8 points. David Arcand suffered a 4-point jumping penalty with his horse Santos Utopia. Angela Covert-Lawrence from St-Lazare) could do no better.

Talent Squad Series at the International Bromont: Ontario’s Sarah Johnstone Takes the Lead

Bromont, July 23, 2010 – In jumping, 17 rider-horse teams took to the course for the 4th qualifying test of the Talent Squad Series held on Québec territory, a competition which took place today during the International Bromont, at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park. This 1.45 m test goes towards the Talent Squad Series overall standings, with the Eastern Final to take place next September in Ontario. Québec natives Isabelle Lapierre, François Lamontagne, Nicolas-Xavier Bélanger and Vanessa Robert were among the competitors. Victory ultimately befell Sarah Johnstone (who also finished 4th with her other mount Starlet), followed by Irishman Jonathon McCrea in second place, and Alberta’s Kelly Koss in third.

The course designed by Canadian Grant Field was comprised of 11 obstacles, 14 jumping efforts, and 3 double combinations. The allowed time of 76 seconds, as well as many technical difficulties, really put the riders to the test. Following an exemplary performance from the very first competitor on the course, Irishman Jonathon McCrea, we would have to wait for Alberta’s Kelly Koss, 13th rider to the test, to declare a jump-off. Ontario resident Sarah Johnstone then joined the pack. Vanessa Robert and Nicolas-Xavier Bélanger could do no better than 12 penalty points, while François Lamontagne and Isabelle Lapierre suffered a refusal at obstacle number 5, a narrow vertical located immediately following a big oxer. They were both also penalised for exceeding the time limit. But considering the other riders’ performances, all hopes were still alive to finish in the top ten.

The first weekend of the International Bromont: a strong start!

Bromont, July 22nd – On the eve of the first weekend of the International Bromont,
athletes and horses are getting ready for the long awaited events of the Talent Squad
Jump Canada Series: the Open Jumper 1.50M, the CET Medal, the Cheval Blanc Speed
Derby and the Bonjour Qué World Cup qualifier.

The opening buzzer has sounded: as of Wednesday July 21st, the competitions have started. Still,
the weekend events are the highlights of the International Bromont : events of national and
international levels, they feature our best riders.

On Friday July 23rd, in the International ring, we are looking forward to see the up and coming
riders in an event of the Talent Squad Jump Canada Series sanctioned by Equine Canada, the
National Equestrian Federation.

International Bromont, July 21st to August 1st : 35 Years of Equestrian Sport History

First and foremost equestrian competition in Eastern Canada, the International Bromont welcomes the world starting July 21st for two whole weeks until August 1st, 2010, at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park. This much awaited international rendez-vous is already a fixture in this country’s equestrian sports history.

35 years ago, in 1976, the Montreal Olympic Games brought the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park alive. From the only olympic venue still in function worldwide, the 2010 Edition of the International Bromont promises to be momentous for one and all. Thanks to an important investment from the Government of Québec, hand in hand with the support of Investissement Québec, the venue now boasts new infrastructures offering a superior experience to riders, horses, and spectators alike. Thus, the International Arena, now sporting a surface identical to the one from the Beijing Olympics, will welcome the greatest equestrians from Canada, the United States, and also from France, Belgium, Venezuela, Columbia, and for the first time ever, riders from Russia and Austria! Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park’s reputation is crossing the Atlantic!

Returning to his home town, Mario Deslauriers, along with Canadian team representatives Beth Underhill, Yann Candele, Mac Cone, Jay Hayes, and also proud up-and-comers David Arcand, François Lamontagne and Billie Derouet, aim to lead their mounts to the podium among the international elite. « In order to be competitive, we have to offer the latest in quality design, and installations worthy of the level of riders and horses we welcome » said Roger Deslauriers, General Manager of the International Bromont. This stickler for excellence reaped its just reward: the Fédération équestre internationale (FEI) selected July’s 25th Bonjour Québec as a qualifying test for the 2011 World Cup. The FEI also designated the August 1st Grand-Prix as a qualifying round for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, in addition to being, for the very first time, a qualifying test for the European Championships to take place in Madrid in 2011.

Thanks to the support from the City of Bromont, Tourisme Québec and sponsors such as Via Rail, Bobcat and Cheval Blanc, among others, the International Bromont will offer more than $400,000 in prize. Among the highlights, the July 23rd Talent Squad Series will headline promising up-and-comers, followed by a 1.50 m test. The ever popular Speed Derby will bring the house down on July 24th, hot on the heels of the World Cup qualifyer on July 25th. From July 30th, the second week will host FEI-recognized events, followed on July 31st by the Via Rail Double Slalom and the Modified Grand-Prix. The International Bromont will end its 35th Edition in style, presenting the much awaited Grand-Prix. Will Mario Deslauriers repeat his feat of the two last seasons and claim victory? Spectators will be there to cheer him on.

The crowd will be at the heart of the action. Indeed, spectators’ welcome was a trop priority of the site’smajor renovations. The bleachers from 1976 were transformed into majestic spectator platforms equipped to welcome more than 5,000 visitors. « Our foremost goal was to bring the public closer to the action» says Roger Deslauriers. He further states enthusiastically, « people will feel the horse’s canter, they will even hear the rider speak! »

Without a doubt, this 35th Edition of the International Bromont is quite promising. Jump into the action to live this page of equestrian history, from July 21st to August 1st , 2010. For information : Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, 450 chemin de Gaspé, 450 534-0787,,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kim Farlinger of Ottawa, ON Canada and Cordoba Triumph in $30,000 Grand Prix of Traverse City

Kim Farlinger and Cordoba won the $30,000 Grand Prix of Traverse City at Horse Shows by the Bay I. Photo © 2010 Lauren Fisher/PMG

The hillside overlooking the beautiful Grand Prix Ring at Flintfields Horse Park was packed with spectators on Sunday afternoon as Traverse City saw some of the country's top horses and riders compete in a $30,000 Show Jumping Grand Prix. After two exciting rounds of competition, Kim Farlinger of Ottawa, ON Canada earned top prize with her athletic dark bay gelding Cordoba. The class featured a track set by renowned course designer Pierre Jolicoeur, and featured seventeen horse and rider combinations. Eight of the original entries were able to complete Jolicoeur's first round course without fault to advance to the jump-off round, and just four were then able to clear the final round. Those four riders sped through the winding course as fast as their horses could take them in an attempt to stop the clock in the fastest time.

The first entry to jump double clear was Scott Lenkart and his mount Impulsive, owned by MacMillan Sport Horse. The pair stopped the clock in 38.352 seconds, which eventually earned them the third place honors. Kim Farlinger returned next with Cordoba and raced through the course without fault in a time of 36.320 seconds to take over the lead.  Robin Walker and Ilian-De-Taute had a clear jump-off round as well and their time of 42.651 seconds finished in fourth place. Lenkart returned last with his second mount Un Prince who was also clear in the first round. The pair jumped the course with ease, sliding into the second place position with a time of 37.895 seconds.

Farlinger commented on her jump-off round, stating, "I thought that I did not leave much room, I was really able to hold my gallop the whole jump-off course and I didn't have to slow down to any of the fences. I thought someone would have had to be pretty daring on the rollback and go tighter to beat me, so I was hopeful. My horse is a very fast horse and I knew he would be hard to catch."

Melissandre Lincourt and Rainy Day’s Brillant Turns Earn Win in Speed Derby at Jumping Blainville

Blainville, QC-July 17, 2010 – As Jumping Blainville winds down the week, today’s highlight competition was the Speed Derby. The Derby took place in the Grand Prix Ring of the Blainville Equestrian Park beginning promptly at 3:00p.m. Melissandre Lincourt and Rainy Day took home the win completing the course in 101.04 seconds. Winston and Margie Gayford missed the top prize by only a second earning them the second place honors. Tomorrow will mark the final day of competition at Jumping Blainville and will feature the $60,000 World Cup Qualifier in the Grand Prix Ring as the feature event.

Today’s long and winding course was designed by Linda Allen and was scored under Table C with faults converted. There were 19 jumping efforts, which began with a triple bar and included a fan jump, a bank jump, and three double combinations. The liverpool-to-liverpool double combination proved to be tricky with riders coming off of a sharp right turn. The bank also proved to be more difficult than originally expected after a thunderstorm passed through right before the class, causing the grass to become more slippery.

Since today’s course was scored under Table C riders had to focus on speed while still being accurate. Holly Mitten chose to be conservative with Campoleone, owned by Katherine Steenberg. The duo was able to leave all the rails in their cups, but their time of 111.68 seconds was only good enough for the fifth place honors.

Megan Fellows and La Supra pulled down a rail at the liverpool combination but the pair was slick over the course and with a time of 102.24 they earned the third place ribbon with a 106.24 second total.

Kelley Robinson outraced Fellows track with Caberlay, owned by Cimarron Farms. Despite lowering the height of three fences, the pair was able to stop the clock at 95.86 seconds for a 107.86 total and the fourth place prize.

Melissandre Lincourt was the first rider to complete the course leaving all of the fences standing. Lincourt was aboard Rainy Day, owned by Southshore Farm. The pair was quick and accurate as they made their way through the course, even taking a sharp turn up the bank. They crossed the finish line in 101.04 seconds without any additional time added to take over the lead and eventually win the class.

Friday, July 16, 2010


The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) is delighted to announce that nominations for the FEI 2010 Awards are now open. The awards, which were launched last year, acknowledge outstanding achievement in the following five categories:

  • Athlete of the Year, for the rider, driver or vaulter who has shown exceptional sportsmanship and prowess;
  • Rising Star, supported by HSBC, for a rider between the ages of 14 and 21 who has demonstrated significant talent and commitment;
  • Development, supported by Alltech, for a development project, individual or organisation demonstrating skill, dedication and energy in expanding the sport;
  • Against All Odds, to celebrate a disabled rider or an individual who has overcome extreme personal difficulties to achieve proficiency in equestrian sport;
  • Groom of the Year, for the often uncelebrated, yet important person who works behind the scenes.
Commenting on the awards, FEI Secretary General Alex McLin said: "Last year’s enthusiastic response to the FEI’s call for nominations proved that the equestrian world is eager to applaud those people whose contribution to our sport is exceptional. The stories of dedication that accompanied last year’s nominations demonstrate how contact with horses can give meaning to people’s lives by lighting the flame of passion. We look forward to receiving this year’s nominations and rewarding the winners by ensuring their achievements as riders, grooms or developers of our sport are acknowledged worldwide.”

Nominations are open to all members of the equestrian community and should be sent via the dedicated website

An international judging panel, chaired by HRH Princess Haya, will select the winners, who will be flown to Chinese Taipei to attend the awards ceremony at a VIP gala dinner, which takes place during the FEI General Assembly in November.

The deadline for nominations is 30 August 2010.

Additional information about the nominations process is available on

Lauren Hunkin Leaps to Victory Aboard Larry 0146 in FEI Open Welcome at Jumping Blainville

Blainville, QC - July 16, 2010 -Two top equestrians, Lauren Hunkin and Christine McCrea battled for the top award at Friday night's FEI Open Welcome Class during the Classique Internationale de Blainville (Jumping Blainville).  Hunkin and Larry 0146's ambition and speed would earn them the winning rosette after flying through the jump-off in 31.96 seconds. McCrea aboard Baloubet Junior Z's time would hold up for the second place position.  This evenings class took place in the Grand Prix Ring at the Equestrian Park of Blainville and was watched by a large crowd of enthusiastic onlookers.

Today's challenging first round track and jump-off course were designed by Linda Allen. The opening round featured a liverpool, a triple bar and three double combinations. Many riders accrued faults at the final oxer-vertical double combination which came just a few strides after the wide spread of the triple bar. One of the most difficult aspects of the first round proved to be the time allowed, with only five riders breaking the beam without time faults.

Hunkin and McCrea were the only riders to advance to the short course, while Kirsten Coe earned the third place ribbon aboard Kilkenny Randall Z, owned by Sophie Morner, after accruing two time faults and leaving all the rails in their jumps. Yann Candele scored the fourth and fifth place awards with Redefin owned by Susan Grange and Carolla Z owned by Elizabth Currie. Candele had a rail with each mount but managed to stop the timers before the time allowed to earn his top prizes. 

The jump-off course began over a large oxer with a bending line to a single vertical. Riders then had to make a sharp left turn to the difficult oxer-vertical double combination before making another left turn to a large, single oxer. Finally riders had to gallop home over a single vertical and a single oxer on the right lead going towards the gate.

McCrea was the first rider to complete a successful first round course and advance to the jump-off with Baloubet Junior Z, owned by Candy Tribble. The pair picked up a quick pace to the first fence and made a tight turn to the double combination. They increased their gallop to the final fence and soared over it with ease, completing a clear round in 32.65 seconds.

Canada’s Lisa Balaz Claims Children’s Jumper Championship in Vermont

Canada’s Lisa Balaz, 18, made her first trip to the Vermont Summer Festival worthwhile, winning the High Children’s Jumper Championship during the opening week of competition in East Dorset, VT.

Competing in the High Children’s Jumper Division with her horse, Athens, Balaz placed seventh in Friday’s competition before winning on Saturday to take the championship title.

“He is really short, but he makes up for it in his personality,” laughed Balaz, speaking of her 13-year-old Belgian Sport Horse gelding. “He is full of himself. He thinks he is the king.”

Balaz has been riding Athens for about a year. She had only returned to competition a month before her championship win, having broken her collarbone while competing in Florida this winter, but her injury did not slow her down in the least. In addition to claiming the High Children’s Jumper Championship, Balaz and Athens also placed third in both Saturday’s NAL/WIHS Children’s Jumper Classic and Sunday’s Marshall & Sterling Children’s Jumper Classic. Balaz’s younger brother, Michael, 16, placed second in the $1,500 NAL/WIHS Children’s Jumper Classic riding Ruffino.

When asked if there was a family rivalry, Balaz said, “It depends how we finish! It is fun showing together until he beats me, then he rubs it in my face because he is younger. On Saturday, he beat me by less than half a second.”

As a result of her strong finishes, Balaz is currently sitting second in the jumper standings behind Peter Gisborn of Erin, ON, for the $10,000 Canadian Circuit Awards, Presented by Ariat International, Inc. At the end of the six-week horse show, the top Canadian based on points in the jumper standings is awarded a $3,000 bonus while second place receives $2,000. The same formula is used in the hunter divisions, with the highest ranked Canadian receiving $3,000 with the runner-up receiving $2,000.

In addition to the show jumping ring, Balaz also competed in the Large Junior Hunter 16-17 division, earning fifth and sixth place ribbons with Nautique, an 11-year-old grey Percheron/thoroughbred-cross gelding that she has been showing for the past three seasons.

“The jumpers are my favorite, but I have had my hunter for three years and I still compete with him in the hunter and equitation divisions, even though that is not my forte,” explained Balaz. “He is such a trooper. Even if I make a mistake in the ring, he will save me, no matter what happens. He is a really solid horse. He is also a big teddy bear, and is really sweet.”

Telluride Farm Awarded Top Prizes at Spruce Meadows "North American" and "Canada One"

Calgary, AB -July 16, 2010 - Recently, top trainer Diane Carney travelled with Richard Rinehart and riders of Telluride Farm to compete at the Spruce Meadows Tournament. The riders competed during the "Canada One" week, which began July 1 and ran through July 4, 2010 and the "North American" week held July 7- 11, 2010. Rinehart, Caitie Hope, Michael Burnett, Virginia Bartholomay, and Morgan Divokin all scored top ribbons and had the opportunity to ride in the Spruce Meadows victory gallops.

Rinehart earned a victory during "Canada One" with Iron in the 1.20m Open Jumper Welcome Class. He also showed Total Touch, owned by Kathleen Hope to a second and fourth place finish in the 1.20m Open Jumper classes. "Richard is a brilliant rider and might not have taken the big step to compete at Spruce Meadows without this opportunity," noted Carney. "If you can ride and understand horsemanship then you will leave Spruce Meadows encouraged and fulfilled." Rinehart was the winner of the Maxine Beard Award in 2001.

Caitie Hope earned the opportunity to participate in numerous victory gallops aboard La Paz, Total Touch, and Pepe. Hope and La Paz took home a first place prize in the $1,000 CN Amateur Welcome class, as well as multiple third place ribbons throughout the competition. Aboard Total Touch, Hope scored a third place ribbon and a sixth place ribbon in the 1.30 Junior/Amateur Jumper classes. Hope showed Pepe in the 1.10m Amateur Jumper classes and was awarded a second place ribbon, two fourth place ribbons, and an eighth place ribbon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top Prize to Keean White and Concas in the Open Jumper at Classique International De Blainville (Jumping Blainville)

Blainville, QC - July 15, 2010- Once again the weather was spectacular as the Classique Internationale De Blainville (Jumping Blainville) continued at the Blainville Equestrian Park.  The second day of competition in the Grand Prix Ring featured the 1.35m Open Jumper class and the Junior Amateur 1.30m Speed Class.  Earning the top award in the 1.35m Open Jumper was Keean White and Concas.  The pair raced the clock and tripped the timers to top the class.  The Junior Amateur 1.30m Speed class was dominated by Lilis with Liam Dumon-Walker in the irons.  The pair stopped the clock at 66.047 seconds to garner the win.

Today's 1.35m Open Jumper class featured a course designed by Linda Allen. The first round included a triple bar double combination and an oxer-vertical-vertical triple combination. For the jump-off riders began with a bending line and then made a sharp right turn to a second bending line. Then they had to make a sharp right turn to the triple bar combination before galloping across the ring to a single vertical. The riders finished with a right turn to a single oxer going towards the gate.

Margie Gayford was the first rider to successfully tackle the first round course and advance to the jump-off with Winston, owned by Wingberry Farm. The pair was able to leave all the fences standing as they found their way over the track in a time of 44.216 seconds. Their clear effort set the pace and would eventually hold up for the second place prize. Kelley Robinson also had a successful short course with Cimarron Farms' Caberlay, but their time of 44.299 seconds would fall just short of Gayford's pace and earn them the third place ribbon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gabrielle Cousin and Aramisse Des Pins Dash To Victory in 1.35m Open Jumper Speed Class at Jumping Blainville

Blanville, Quebec- July 14, 2010 - The first day of Classique Internationale De Blainville (Jumping Blainville) concluded today at the beautiful Parc Équestre De Blainville.  Equestrians in the Open Jumper classes competed for top accolades in their respective divisions.  Blazing through times in the Open Jumper Speed 1.35m class was Gabrielle Cousin aboard Aramisse Des Pins.  Cousin and her top mount earned the blue ribbon after tripping the timers in 64.028 seconds.  In the Open Jumper 1.45m class Chirstine McCrea and Twister conquered the jump-off course stopping the clock in 43.039 seconds.

Today's courses were designed by Linda Allen and presented a nice opening track for the riders. The course for the 1.45m class featured a tight oxer-vertical double combination and a vertical-oxer-vertical triple combination. For the jump-off riders began over a large oxer going towards the gate and then made a sharp left turn to a second oxer before galloping to a single vertical at the far end of the ring. They then made a sharp left turn to the double combination and finished over a single vertical to final oxer.

Yann Candele and Redefin, owned by Susan Grange, were the first to advance to the jump-off after completing a clear first round. The pair had an unfortunate rail at the single vertical and their four fault score held up for the second place position as they stopped the clock at 42.810 seconds.

Covert-Lawrence and Candidate du Marquet Top Young Horse Series

The third event in the eastern division of the 2010 Jump Canada Young Horse Series took place on Friday, July 9, during the Jumping Internationale de Blainville I held in Blainville, QC.

Angela Covert-Lawrence of St. Lazare, QC, and Candidate du Marquet dominated the Seven and Eight-Year-Old Division. The pair jumped double clear and had the fastest time in the jump-off to secure the win. Owned by Emmanuelle Bolduc, Candidate du Marquet is an eight-year-old grey Belgian Warmblood mare by Canadian River and out of a Randel Z mare that Covert-Lawrence began riding this past winter. 

“She was super,” said Covert-Lawrence, who rewards her mare with bananas, which she says are her favourite treat. “I got the ride on her in February during the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida, and by the end of the circuit we were competing in the Seven and Eight-Year-Old classes.” 

In the two events in the Jump Canada Young Horse Series held earlier this season in the eastern division, Covert-Lawrence and Candidate du Marquet won at the Concours hippique de Pépinière in St. Lazare, QC, and placed second in the Beaulieu's Summer Classic II in Ste-Justine-de-Newton, QC. 

“The best thing about her is her consistency,” continued Covert-Lawrence. “In addition to the Young Horse classes, she has done four smaller grand prix events this year - three $25,000 grand prix and one $10,000 class - and has gotten a ribbon in every one. At the international shows, the grand prix classes are too much for these horses, so the seven and eight-year-old competition becomes the big class of the week for them. At Blainville, I geared her towards this competition all week. It was great to win, and it was nice that they did a special presentation for the young horses in the grand prix ring on Sunday.” 

Laurie Bucci also guided Joe Louis to double clear rounds but incurred one time fault to finish second. Owned by Bucci Stables, Joe Louis is a seven-year-old grey Holsteiner gelding by Con Capitol. 

Landing in third position was Melissa Marcotte aboard Well Time de Villa d'Arto, her seven-year-old chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding. Well Time de Villa d'Arto, sired by Indoctro and out of a Voltaire mare, had a total of seven faults in the jump-off. 

Francois Lamontagne of Saint-Eustache, QC, dominated the Six-Year-Old Division riding Independence Day 3E, a bay Canadian Sport Horse gelding owned by Mudstyle Inc. Independence Day 3E was bred in Canada by KingRidge Stables of King, ON, and is by Polyfax out of an Emilion mare. The pair produced the fastest double clear performance to take the win. 

Taking second position was S Class ridden by Melissandre Lincourt for owner South Shore Farm. S Class is a chestnut Dutch Warmblood mare by Mermus R by an Indoctro mare. 

The top-placed horse in the Five-Year-Old Division was Empire 181, a grey Hannoverian gelding guided to victory by Paul Halpern of St. Lazare, QC. Owned by Wynbrook Farm, Empire 181 is by Embassy I out of a Foxhunter dam. 

Hyde Moffatt of Brantford, ON, guided Morrison to second place for owners Burmonds and Wetmore. Morrison is an imported bay Irish Sport Horse gelding by Desert Knight and out a Cavalier Royale mare. 

Francois Lamontagne took third place riding Galatée du Roset. Owned by Cathleen Mathers, Galatée du Roset is a bay Swiss Warmblood mare sired by 2004 Olympic champion horse, Baloubet du Rouet, and out of Gaelle du Roset by Misterman. 

G&C Farm Finishes Spruce Meadows Tournaments, Awards $50,000 G&C Farm Rider's Cup

G&C Farm Rider's Cup presentation
July 14, 2010 – G&C Farm finished their summer tour at Spruce Meadows with the North American Tournament on July 7-11, 2010. There were strong finishes throughout the week from the G&C riders, and the $50,000 G&C Farm Rider's Cup was decided. G&C Farm, owned by Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal of Venezuela, is based in Wellington, FL.

G&C Farm was a generous sponsor at this year's Spruce Meadows Tournaments, including raising prize money in classes that were in danger of losing their ROLEX world ranking points. They also added the new $50,000 G&C Farm Rider's Cup, which rewarded the top three riders of the summer tournaments for their consistency. The first place $25,000 prize went to World Number One rider Eric Lamaze of Canada, while Rodrigo Pessoa finished third and took home a $10,000 bonus.

During the final week at Spruce Meadows, the ROLEX World Rankings were announced, and G&C Farm's Pablo Barrios moved up to #43 in the world. He rose 20 spots this month thanks to very good placings throughout the previous weeks. G&C Farm is still sitting second in the USEF Jumper Owners Rankings.

Everyone at G&C Farm enjoyed their first experience at Spruce Meadows, which provided something for everyone. Gustavo Mirabal agreed, “Spruce Meadows was a great experience. Jumping in so many difficult classes and different grass fields was good for the young horses, and it made the grand prix horses stronger.”

He added, “Winning the Nexen Cup Derby (in the first week) was amazing. Pablo rode Sinatra just perfectly in that class. They will be in the record books as one of the few who have ever gone clear in that class. Luis and Maria Emilia won multiple classes as well and learned a great deal here.”
Barrios and G&C Farm will move on to Europe now and will compete next at the Global Champions Tour in Chantilly, France.

“After competing at Spruce Meadows, I think we are ready for Europe,” Mirabal noted. “Pablo was in the top 10 in almost every class that he went in, and that helped him jump from 63 to 43 in the ROLEX rankings. We hope he can move up another 20 spots by the end of the year.”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 2010 Capital Challenge Horse Show Announces Schedule and New Classes

The Capital Challenge Horse Show, now in its 17th year of competition, strives every year to provide the best possible horse show for its exhibitors. This includes adding new classes that offer special opportunities for every level of rider. This year's show will once again start with the Capital Challenge Equitation Weekend, presented by, on October 2-3, and the horse show will continue on October 4-10.

Highlights of the Capital Challenge Horse Show will include the North American Equitation Championship (Oct. 3), the Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) National Children’s Medal Finals (Oct. 3), the World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR) Emerging Pro Challenge (Oct. 6), the North American Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Challenge Cup (two rounds held on Oct. 8-9), the ARIAT National Adult Medal Finals (Oct. 8), and the the WCHR Professional  Finals (Oct. 8).

The Capital Challenge Horse Show is adding some new classes for this year's edition. Riders with young horses will have an opportunity to compete in the Future Hunter 3'3” division on October 4-5 and can qualify for the Future Hunter World Championship on October 6. The popular WCHR Emerging Pro Challenge will consist of two rounds this year, giving more riders the chance to compete in the Show Place Arena.

Amateur-Owner Hunter riders will be able to choose between their regular 3'6” division or the new 3'3” division offered this year. The top ten riders from the division will be invited to compete in the new $2,500 WCHR Amateur-Owner 3'3” Challenge. In addition to the top ten, invitations will be extended to the top ten riders from the WCHR Amateur Owner 3’3” National Standings prior to the start of the show, and the top six riders from all the WCHR Regional Amateur Owner 3’3” final standings.

REINING - Gabrielle Martel and Laurianne Gagnon-Duval qualified members for the NAJYRC

Gabrielle Martel and Laurianne Gagnon-Duval, both members of the Quebec Reining Horse Association, qualified themselves to take part in the prestigious Reining event which will take place at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

The North American Junior and Young Rider Championships is the top equestrian event being held in North America for Junior and Youth Rider, aged from 14 to 21. These riders come from the United States, Bermudas, Canada, Mexico,Puerto Rico and the Carabbean Islands. They all compete for individual and team FEI medals, in jumping, dressage and for the only western event recognized by the FEI, Reining.


Friday, July 9, 2010


Olympic Jumping champion Eric Lamaze (CAN) has returned to the number one spot in the Rolex Rankings.

The Canadian, who took individual gold and team silver at the Beijing 2008 Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong, was ranked second in the world in February and March and was third in the April and May rankings. He is now back at the top of the rankings for the first time since February 2009.

Pius Schwizer (SUI), who has been world number one in the Rolex Rankings for the past five months, has now dropped down to second, with reigning European champion Kevin Staut (FRA) moving up one place to third. Rolex FEI World Cup™ champion Marcus Ehning (GER), who was in second in the May rankings, is now in fourth.

The updated Rolex Rankings, which were published today by the FEI, are available here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canadian Endurance Riders Excel in North American FEI Events

Following The Kentucky Cup — the pre-ride for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) — Canadian endurance horses and riders have travelled thousands of miles, in pursuit of their dream to qualify and compete for Canada, either in the World Equestrian Games this September or in future major international events. In FEI competitions from all over North America, Canadian riders and their amazing equine partners have excelled, building on their already-enviable ride records. In addition to the FEI events, these riders have actively participated in open rides as well with outstanding results.

• Elroy Karius & Jolly Holiday: FEI 2* 75 miles (Williston, FL) — sixth place
• Gail Jewell & A Salisbury Rose: FEI 3* 100 miles (Inyokern, CA) — fourth place
• Carol Steiner & Jumpin’ Jax: FEI 1* 100 miles (Ocala, FL) — third place; FEI 3* 100 (Decatar, TX) – seventh place
• Carol Steiner & Merlin FEI 3* (Moriston, FL) — seventh place
• Dessia Miller & Parker AES: FEI 2* 75 miles (Asheville, NC) — second place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 1* 50 miles (Decatur, TX)—First place
• Lee Hutten & Diamond Reo: FEI 1* 75 mile (Morrison, FL)
• Ruth Sturley & Futurystic: FEI 1* 50 miles (Asheville, NC) —first place
• Yvette Vinton & Jal Bas Kalid: FEI 1* 50 miles (Ocala, FL) — 10th place
• Yvette Vinton & Tesse FEI 3* 100 miles (Williston, FL) — 20th place
• Yvette Vinton & JS Sedona FEI 1* 50 miles (Williston, FL) — first place

Most recent successes for our elite riders have been at competitions at Horseshoe Lake, AB, held May 21, 2010, and Fort Howes, MT, held June 12, 2010. Those results include
• Terre O’Brennan & Koszaar: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — first place
• Ariel MacLeod & Driftwoods Zorro : FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — third place and Best Condition award
• Kathy Irvine & Nightwind Savannah: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — second place; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Leanna Marchant & Samsons Fire: FEI 2* 75miles (Alberta) —first place and Best Condition award; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — second place
• Christy Janzen & Sakic: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) — second place
• Karen Badger & Pilgrim: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) —third place
• Caroline Williams & Diamond Reo: FEI 2* (Alberta)— fourth place
• Tara MacLeod & Sea Biscuit: FEI 1* (Alberta)— first place
• Mary-Ann Dorchester & SH Special Edition: FEI1* (Alberta) — second place
• Amy Hoffman & Jr’s Last Chance: FEI 1* (Alberta) — third place
• Lee Hutton & KD Colonel: FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Gail Jewell, DVM & Jolly Holiday: FEI 3* 100 Miles (Alberta) — fourth place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 2* 50 miles (Montana) — fifth place

The next and final challenge for these riders hoping for a berth on the 2010 WEG Team will be the 2010 Canadian Distance Championship in New Lowell, ON, on July 1, 2010. Following the Championship, the 2010 WEG squad will be named.

“The Canadian Championship will be an opportunity to prove our horses’ capabilities and may well change the WEG rankings,” said Elroy Karius from Kelowna, BC, who is currently sitting number one in the WEG rankings. “There are some very excellent horse and rider teams coming on strong.”

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