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Endurance Canada Community; This is E-Bulletin #10

E-BULLETIN : June 26th, 2010
Endurance Canada Community; 
This is E-Bulletin #10, Keeping you up-to-date as best we can! 

  Ride season has begun in earnest - everybody is busy riding, riding, riding.  Check for recent ride results on the website! 
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 Travelled (through snow!) to the Horseshoe Lake ride (long weekend in May in Alberta).  Great event, well attended, and everyone did their best to smile through the wind, rain, cold and mud!  All the western Canadian nominated riders for the WEG competed, under the watchful eyes of the Team officials: Kay Melvin (Ont) - Chef d'Equipe; Maura Leahy (Man) - Assistant Chef; and Roxy Bell DVM (Alta) - Team Veterinarian.   The Treatment Veterinarian for the competition was from Columbia and another FEI official at the ride resides in Guatemala - what were they thinking?!  (DR)  (For results and photos -

 Our next big competition will be the Canadian Championships in Ontario, including the three long distance sports - Endurance, Competitive Trail and Ride 'n' Tie - hosted by an OC extraordinaire!  We wish ALL participants the very best of luck at this prestigious event! 
  We have several Young Riders hoping to compete in the North American Young Riders Endurance Ride, scheduled for July 29, 2010.  This is a FEI 2* 75Mile competition and is being held in conjunction with the North American Junior Young Riders Championship at the Kentucky Horse Park - home of the 2010 World  Equestrian Games.  Our team last year won the Silver - how proud we are!   
Endurance Canada is represented on a committee working to include ALL the FEI disciplines in the North American Junior Young Riders Championship (not simply the traditional disciplines of Jumping, Eventing and Dressage), meaning that Endurance would no longer participate as a demonstration sport. 

Watch for the launch of Endurance Canada's 'sponsorship/marketing' initiative!  E-announcement to follow soon!  Check out our current sponsors! 
For Equine Canada 'latest news' relevant to our sport, please check this page on our website (import restrictions, etc.).   And did any of you participate in/organize an event during Horse Week? 
New name at the top of our leader board:  Kat Irvine!  Congratulations!  Points updated to mid-June!
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We have been working hard for several years to develop the process for Canadian (Equine Canada/Endurance Canada) sanctioning of Endurance Rides. It is time to 'test-drive' the system, with the first-ever Canadian-sanctioned Endurance rides of 50 and 100 be held at the Ride Over the Rainbow in Merritt, BC!  A LD ride of 25 miles will also be included.  Details as to how this will work, what fees will be required, what it all means, etc. can be found under the ride details on our website and on

We are happy to report that Jan Marsh, one of our declared riders for the WEG, is doing well, after a very frightening experience when she took ill on route to Horseshoe Lake.  From Jan:
"THANK YOU to all of you for your thoughts!  I am now out of hospital and taking it easy!  Consensus of opinion was my immune system was so low that when I had some bacteria reach my blood stream it took hold of my body causing me severe pain across my back, across my stomach, down both legs to the point of knocking me unconscious with the pain and rendering me unable to walk.  The hospital was thorough and looked for all other possibilities but nothing found which of course is comforting.  I have to have more blood tests in six weeks and in the meantime told 'eat' and take it easy!!  As I have missed my chance for qualifying for WEG I guess that shouldn't be too much of a problem!!!!  Needless to say I am disappointed on that score.
However, I wish the Canadian Team all the very best!  Thank you all again!" 
Endurance SADDLE - GOING, GOING, WILL BE GONE June 30th - last chance to bid!   
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We ALWAYS appreciate hearing from YOU - the Endurance enthusiasts across the country!  Our Newsletter editor (Kat) and our Webmaster (Jon) welcome your photos, features and news: please contact them at (newsletters) and (website).

Daphne Richard
Chair,  Endurance Canada Committee
Equine Canada

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