Friday, May 7, 2010

Endurance Canada - E-BULLETIN : May 7th, 2010

 I guess it's about time that we 'explained' ourselves!  Hopefully the FAQ below will answer some of your many queries, and confirm that our mandate is to work together with all of you and the provincial organizations to make Endurance the equestrian sport of choice!  It is now the fastest growing of all the FEI disciplines world-wide, and I know each year we are adding to our numbers here in Canada too.  How fortunate we are to have so many ride organizers and volunteers across the country who provide us with such wonderful opportunities to enjoy the most beautiful scenery, such amazing camaraderie and the best competitive environment.  I love that Endurance attracts riders of all ages, and whether we are riding at an introductory or more advanced level, we share the same trails and the same passion, and we are all so appreciative of our four-legged partners.
Have a wonderful ride season!  Daphne

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