Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Equine Canada Convention in Montreal - Agenda Update

Presentation and discussion session regarding national equine identification and traceability system to be featured
The 2010 Equine Canada Annual Convention is to be held February 1-8, 2010 at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel in Montreal, Quebec. The Breeds & Industry Delegate Assembly, scheduled for Saturday, February 6th, will include a presentation session to inform members about Equine Canada’s strategy for a national equine identification and traceability system.

Equine Canada recommends that convention participants make time to attend the important information session in light of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announcement on January 29th regarding a new Meat Hygiene Directive for horses. The CFIA announcement outlines new record-keeping requirements for horses presented for slaughter at federally-inspected facilities starting on July 31, 2010.

The CFIA characterizes these new requirements as “the first step in the development of a comprehensive food safety and traceability program for the Canadian equine industry.” This CFIA Information Bulletin coincides with previous announcements from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) that outline the Government of Canada’s commitment to the development of a national livestock traceability system for Canada by 2013.

The Delegate Assembly presentation will include a stepped-through explanation of the development and implementation phases in the Equine Canada CanEQUID Strategy. Two pilot projects, set to begin in 2010 and designed to inform the development of industry protocols and procedures, will also be unveiled. 

Members attending the session will have an opportunity to ask questions and thoroughly acquaint themselves with the issues and challenges that the proposed CanEquid strategy aims to address. An important aspect of Equine Canada’s strategy is stakeholder involvement and participation throughout the development and implementation phases of the system. Equine Canada will rely on the recommendations of stakeholders to assist in the creation of a national system tailored to serve the requirements of the Canadian horse industry, while satisfying federal regulatory demands.

The development and implementation of a national identification and traceability system will affect members of all Equine Canada divisions — Sport, Recreation, Breeds & Industry and Provinces. All members are invited and encouraged to attend the information session and to educate themselves about the important developments in new and proposed federal government policies.

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