Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Henselwood 2nd in $100,000 Invitational Grand Prix

Rising star Daniel Bluman added another impressive line to his resume when he bested a star-studded field aboard Fatalis Fatum to secure the top-prize in the $100,000 USGPL Invitational Grand Prix at HITS Commonwealth Park in Culpeper, Virginia.

Bluman and his impressive mount have now won three Grand Prix events in a row, including a victory in the $100,000 Class at The Hampton Classic. “I am very proud of my horse,” said Bluman. “He is proud to do his job. When I was horse shopping with Pablo Barrios he told me that this was the horse for me, and he was right!”

Bluman was outlasted 30 pairs in the first round and an additional nine on the jump-off course set by International Course Designer Olaf Petersen Sr. “He is a fantastic young rider on a well-established mount,” said Canadian Olympian Jill Henselwood, who finished second. “They are going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time.”

Henselwood was one of eight in the jump-off and was aboard a brand-new horse, Bradon Construction’s Bottom Line. With two consecutive USGPL Grand Prix wins in her pocket, she was one of the favorites to win the class and the Olympian didn’t disappoint the crowd when she was fast and clear in 33.241 to take the lead. Henselwood quickly relinquished her lead to Bluman and had to settle for a second-place finish this time around, but was still happy with the performance of her new horse. “I am very pleased,” said Henselwood. “It looks like Bottom Line is going to be a promising ride for the future.”

1. Fatalis Fatum  Daniel Bluman  Daniel Bluman  $30,000 0 0 32.147
2. Bottom Line  Jill Henselwood  Bradon Construction  $22,000 0 0 33.241
3. Q’s Charm  Ramiro Quintana Kathryn Quirk  $13,000 0 0 33.769
4. RMW San Friese  Kyle King  Rocky Mountain Warmbloods  $8,000 0 0 34.849
5. Tarco Van Ter Moude  Tracy Magness  Mr. and Mrs. John Bartko  $6,000 0 4 36.852
6. Rio Corde Bill Lowry  Winsor Farm Sales $5,000 0 4 37.121
7. Lirving Du Volsin Kate Levy  Kate Levy  $4,000 0 4 35.004
8. Discovery Robin Sweely  Acorn Hill Farm  $3,000 0 4 35.769
9. Marcus Aurelius  David Jennings  David Jennings  $3,000 0 8 42.357
10. VDL Torlando  Callan Solem  Torlando Group  $2,000 4   
11. Arnando Karim Ghabi  Renee White  $2,000 4   
12. Tarco Aaron Vale  Joan Kalman  $2,000 4